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The slides bring fun and excitement to your pool. NEPTUNE’s range of pool slides includes professional slides for hotels, hostels, and recreational sites, plus a line of landscape slides for your backyard pool or recreation home.

Add more fun to your pool with one of our water slides models

Tobogan curvo en panama

Slide for domestic use

The Neptune Water Slide is designed for quick and easy assembly and has an improved high-volume water supply system that can be connected via the return line from the pool or connected to a garden hose.

Specifications: Height: 1.70 mts. (5.60 feet) Available in curved and straight shapes. The channel measures 4 meters. (13 feet) long. Weight limit: 180 Kilos (400 pounds). Recommended for residential use or small B&B.

Tobogan en centro recreativo en panama 2

Commercial use slide

Examples of slides that we have custom-built for hotels and recreation centers.

We build on plans and design any type of slide for hotels, water parks, and recreation sites.

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