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Is it safe to let my dog swim in the pool?

brown dog on water with stick on its mouth

Commonly, we feel overwhelmed during hot days, the same happens to our pets, who also suffer from exposure to high temperatures. So if we have a pool at home, it might seem like a good idea to take a refreshing bath with our dog. But what should we know before putting a dog in the pool? Is it safe? Are we both in danger? This and other doubts will be resolved right here.

brown dog on water with stick on its mouth

Dangers of submerging my dog ​​in the pool:

The type of water and the type of treatment used to purify swimming pool water are frequently subjected to various chemicals. Some of them are not healthy for our puppies. Because they could irritate their skin, conjunctivitis, nausea, or vomiting from ingesting the water. Among other consequences that we show below:

Chemical poisoning.

Using pool chemicals is a very common practice. The manufacturers of these products recommend waiting a certain number of hours before submerging in water. Direct contact with chlorine, anti-algae and strong water can cause poisoning in our dog; lesions on the skin, respiratory tract, and even red eyes can endanger our pet’s life or vision, which can be affected by these chemicals.

Risk of burns and heat stroke.

The constant exposure to the sun can cause these problems in dogs with light fur, albinos, or those in some areas with little hair due to an injury, de-pigmented areas, have a high probability of suffering sunburn. Like pre-cancerous lesions or skin cancer, it is advisable to use sunscreen in these special cases and avoid greater consequences. Especially short-haired albinos due to their skin color are more vulnerable to the sun.

perro piscina panama

Recommendations for bathing your dog in the pool:

There is no problem for your dog to bathe in the pool, but a series of precautions must be taken into account for these circumstances. Below we will name some of them:


Let the dog bathe in the pool always accompanied by its owner or an adult who can hold it if required. It is possible that after a time of swimming, the animal may become exhausted and therefore begin to sink. It is then that an adult must resort to their rescue, and/or remain vigilant that this situation does not occur. In the same way, constant vigilance must be maintained so that the dog does not drink the pool water. You can place a water bowl in an accessible place so that they are not tempted to drink from the pool.

Internal stairs to facilitate the exit of the pool.

It is recommended that the pool has an interior ladder or ramp that facilitates the exit of the dog without assistance. This way when they feel exhausted you can swim to shore and get them out of the pool whenever they want.

perro piscina saliendo

Do not force the dog to swim.

The idea of ​​bathing the dog in the pool should not be simply a whim of its owner. For this reason, the dog should never be thrown if they are afraid of water or if they have never been exposed to this situation. In that case, we would be letting a recreational situation go by, due to a very traumatic one for our pet.

Be especially careful with wasps.

In the surroundings of the swimming pools, it is very frequent to receive the visit of insects such as wasps. Special care must be taken that the wasps do not attack our dog. Since they can cause mild inflammation to allergic reactions.

A shower at the end of the bath.

It is very important that at the end of the bath the pool water is completely removed, with enough clean water and shampoo. So keep our dogs out of danger that they can lick their fur, even with the chlorine or other chemicals that are used in the pool. In the same way, sensitive areas such as the ears should be dried very well, where it is very vulnerable to producing fungi.

Ear care.

Some breeds of dogs are characterized by having large ears, such as the Cocker Spaniel, Basset Hound, Labrador, and Golden Retriever. Which makes them more prone to damage to the ear canals. However, all dogs deserve careful attention to their ears. In the case of a bath in the pool, it is mandatory that after the dog’s bath its ears are dried.

The best way is to use some sterile cotton cloth or some type of gauze. Making sure to leave the ears dry and thus avoid any infection in the animal’s ears or the beginning of a fungus.

Up-to-date vaccination card.

Bacteria can proliferate to a greater extent in the pool. It is recommended to keep our puppy’s vaccinations up to date. It will be essential to enjoy the bath without dangers, both for them and for us.

Not feeding during the bath.

As with people, entering the pool after having eaten, and even eating in the water can cause a digestion cut, which may affect both people and our pets. It is recommended not to feed them inside the pool or minutes before entering.

dog swimming pool

Maintain the pool area safely:

It is very important that, if our dog does not know how to swim, to keep the surroundings of the pool protected with a fence. So that he cannot get close to this area and fall by accident. Some people often also use pool covers, which serve to prevent evaporation and maintain the optimal temperature of the water. However, the pool cover should not be relied upon. Since our pet may have the curiosity to walk on the cover, tear it with its claws and fall into the pool, causing an accident.

Safely enjoy your dog in the pool!

The swimming pools during hot Panamanian days are a source of fun and full entertainment for people of any age. Additional sharing with the housepets makes it even more fun. So that everything is resolved safely. Pool owners must offer a series of comfort and safety mechanisms for pets. Since they are usually not used to this type of situation.

Sharing the pool with pets provides excellent benefits for their physical development. It will additionally create well-being that will allow you to be happy, and above all, you must follow the aforementioned indications. To educate the canine towards the correct way to swim or move around in the pool. And very important on how to get out of it without any problem.

Take care, love, attend and share with the pet in and out of the pool. But above all, at no time do you neglect it so that some unfortunate accident cannot happen.

Remember to attend to the canine before entering the pool and after leaving. Pets are part of the family and deserve the appropriate attention to be happy as a family.

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